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We create fun filled adventures for kids


We are Moppadop and have launched our very first app for kids called Moppa Ice Cream where you help Mr Yetti Bombetti create fantastically fun ice creams to feed all the overheating monsters in Moppa Park.

Moppadop is a fun loving company that creates digital adventures for kids. Our toys focus on the adventures of two characters called Moppadop - a tailless lion cub who sports an indian headdress with a rare pink dodo eagle feather - and his mate Moth - his mischievous Sloth companion.

Jop and Graham are the co-founders. We worked together during our time in London and have over 20 years experience between us creating apps, games and websites for kids and teens. Frustrated by the limitations of selling our time we decided to leverage experience with brands such as Xbox, Disney, CBBC and Chorion to focus our time, energy and skills to produce our very own products.

There’s a catch! We live 16,559 km’s apart. Jop lives in the Netherlands in IJlst and Graham lives in Sydney on the Northern Beaches. We overcome this challenge with technology by using Skype to host our weekly production meetings, Trello to keep track of our actions and all the files are stored on Dropbox.

Moppadop has taken over a year to create which has been a challenge to say the least. We both have full time jobs meaning we have to work before and after work as well as weekends. Despite these challenges we have managed to complete our first product. And many more will follow :-).


Jop Wielens


Jop Wielens

Graham Lewis


Graham Lewis

“ AWESOME! Beautiful app!!! ”
Raj - Creative Director @ Kids Industries