Moppadop – Apps for kids

Welcome to the Moppadop website. Moppadop is a fun loving company powered by two parents (Graham Lewis and Jop Wielens) who live on opposite sites of the world creating fun apps for kids. Check out Moppa Ice Cream and Moppa Maths in the app store now and enjoy the adventures with your children.

Moppa Maths

An interactive maths adventure for 5-7 year olds who explore the magical world of numbers through six animated character based minigames designed with preschool teachers.

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We are Moppadop and have just launched our second app for kids called Moppa Maths where you go on an undersea numbers adventure with Moppadop.

Moppadop is a fun loving company that creates digital adventures for kids. Our toys focus on the adventures of two characters called Moppadop – a tailless lion cub who sports an indian headdress with a rare pink dodo eagle feather – and his mate Moth – his mischievous Sloth companion. Continue reading “About”


Both our apps feature many fun animated characters that take the kids on a journey. Each character has their own style and place inside our apps. Much fun to be had 🙂

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Moppa Ice Cream

Moppa Ice Cream is an activity for kids to explore and exercise their imagination and creativity.

On this particular adventure they’re helping out Yetti Bombetti who has crashed his monster ice cream truck into a Boabab tree in the Moppa Forrest. It was a hot day so he was rushing to feed the hungry monsters in the park.

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